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vaaren proudly presents VISDOM for free for all Government Hospitals across India.


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  • Let Vaaren Professionals help you build tailor made products to suit your business requirements. You can customize your own VISDOM to maintain and manage your Hospital Management System for single or a Chain of Hospitals. This product is specially designed for customers with specific requirements. VISDOM CUSTOM allows you to manage your SITES located globally and manage them effectively from your home. Every site will be included with special features selected by the license holder of the product across SITES, it also allows you to associate your SITES with other STORES and LABS. Product doesn’t come with specified number of users but allows you to pick the number of users per SITE according to your requirements. VAAREN helps you to customize and deliver as per your business requirements. This Product is designed to maintain multiple SITES of a BUSINESS which can be associated with other partners (CLINICS, STORE(S) and LAB(S)) only.

    • Product includes USERS as per customization.
    • Associate all your SITES under one Business
    • Share information across all your sites
    • Patient Information can be viewed from all SITES.
    • Associate with your PARTNERS and transfer records electronically.
    • In House Appointment System
    • Patient Management
    • Case Sheet Management
    • Build your Network
    • *Check with our friendly representative for more details.

  • Do not pay by cash for any of the VISDOM Products to any individual. The only acceptable payment methods are CHECQUE towards VAAREN OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, ONLINE TRANSFERS to VAAREN OFFICIAL ACCOUNT or DD towards VAAREN OFFICIAL ACCOUNT. Any product purchased other than approved payment methods cannot guarantee the product license.

    Please report to COMPLAINTS@VAAREN.COM if any representative requests/demands for cash payment.