Inaugural Offer
vaaren proudly presents VISDOM for free for all Government Hospitals across India.

Welcome to VISDOM!

VISDOM is an integrated & completely web based one stop solution for your practice management designed and developed by Vaaren Software Solutions. This helps you to manage your practice and patients effectively.

It covers all the major functionalities of Hospital Management System and allows you to share relevant information with all your associated business units Pharmacy and Diagnostic Centers.

Integrates all your business units and assures smooth flow of information amongst them, online availability of your patient health records helps you plan your treatment better. Visdom helps you to link all your chain clinics and vests all the information in one place for your easy access and assure privacy protection.

The comprehensive range of functionalities help you build and transfer all your hospital records electronically. Online appointments* via your website can be integrated with your visdom database to facilitate 24/7 appointment system and alert your staff on the same when they login to system the very next business day.

Specials :


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Effectively and Efficiently manage your doctor and patient appointments and activity log. Read More »